Cruise, shop and rock.

Music, motorcycles and new heritage at the Pure&Crafted Festival 2017.

About 10,000 enthusiastic visitors celebrated music, motorcycling culture and new heritage lifestyle amidst a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere at the Pure&Crafted Festival in Berlin. The old Rummelsburg power plant situated on the Spree provided the perfect backdrop for this.

The last rays of sunlight of the late summer day shone through the high windows of the brick building in the old Rummelsburg power plant. For two whole days the historical location on the Spree was the centre of the customising and heritage scene, which gave the festival its very special and unique charm. In the general store, the right outfit and handmade accessoires for an unique vintage look could be found, while opposite in the Wheels Area a huge selection of outrageous custom bikes gleamed in the evening sunlight. In the open air in Berlin, people danced in high spirits to the sounds of Interpol, Car Seat Headrest or the Kytes.  

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Passion motorcycle

For many visitors, the ride to the Pure&Crafted was already the first highlight. They took the routes suggested by BMW Motorrad and flocked to Berlin from the Spreewald in the south or from the Elbe Valley in the north of Germany. In the Wheels Area of the Pure&Crafted Festival, they met the well-known giants of the customising scene along with young bike smiths with inspiring approaches. A total of seven teams demonstrated their creativity in a customising contest initiated by BMW Motorrad Germany. Before the festival, the participants each received one R nineT Pure, which they had to modify, spending no more than €4,000 on materials. At the award ceremony of the Pure&Crafted, the Rüsselsheim-based customizers from Rabbit Ground were victorious with their version of a puristic boxer.  

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Silent appearance of E-LisaBad.

A very special premiere caused quite a sensation at the festival. Shortly before Car Seat Headrest's gig on Saturday evening, customizer Rolf Reick silently rode onto the main stage. When he went for the burnout, the audience didn't make a sound. The squeaking of the spinning tyres penetrated the masses, yet there was no sign of any engine noise. Rolf was the first on the customising scene to set about modifying the BMW E-Scooter C evolution. The result is called "E-LisaBad" and is a futuristic dragster for the dragstrip. The scooter modification, which at the same time is the signature bike of Pure&Crafted 2017, demonstrates its E-power at the Glemseck 101.  

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Particularly on Sunday families, friends and motorcyclists were drawn to the festival grounds to visit the Pure&Crafted on a day trip. Amidst a relaxed atmosphere, they soaked up the sun, partook in ride outs into the Berliner hinterland or rented a motorcycle for a test drive from the BMW Motorrad truck. The next generation of motorcyclists got their money's worth in the kids area. Those who mastered a bicycle course received the lovingly designed children's riding license – the first step on the way towards becoming a biker. The boys from the original motodrom are already right at the top of the riding ability scale. They now ride not with three but with four BMW R 25s at the same time into the wall of death and amazed the audience at the Pure&Crafted from morning until night.  

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Love of music

Interpol, Car Seat Headrest, Kytes – the line-up of the Pure&Crafted festival promised a spectrum ranging from no-frills guitar-driven music, electronic psychedelic numbers, right up to handmade acoustic songs. When on Saturday afternoon the Ladys von Gurr opened the main stage with their entirely unique style, the sky over Berlin cleared and the sunshine remained for the rest of the weekend. Music could be heard over the entire area, but it did nothing to stop the lively discussion of custom bikes in the Wheels Area.  

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New Heritage at its best

The general store was located in the light-flooded machine hall of the power plant, which was built in 1906. An historic crane hangs from the ceiling. Like everything else here, it is virtually in original condition and bears witness to German industrial architecture from around the 1900s. The well-maintained hall was a shopper's paradise for lovers of heritage and vintage. It offered everything from stylish jet helmets, high-quality leather belts right up to handmade shoes. A hatter from Berlin amazed customers with her old handwork. Pure and handmade – individuality at its best.  

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Those wishing to unwind after their shopping tour visited the barbers for some beard trimming or filled up on the finest that street cuisine has to offer from one of the food trucks or snack stalls. After this, they entered the green box to take some photos. A photo with the R nineT Scrambler including a Spezial milled parts set was the perfect souvenir. Over one in ten visitors to the Pure&Crafted festival took one of these home with them. While Saturday evening came to a magnificent end with fireworks over the Spree, the remnants of Sunday evening were savoured amidst the catchy sound of The Kytes. For many, the last act on the main stage was among the highlights of the entire weekend. Questions became loud as to whether there would be a repeat next year or not. The answer was yes there will be. Details coming soon.  

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R nineT Scrambler

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