1. The GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand is series of competitive events in which enthusiastic motorcycle riders will have an opportunity to be part of the ultimate GS experience by competing with friendly like-minded individuals. This series of qualification events is, therefore, more than a contest of speed.

2. These events are open to all legal owners of BMW Motorrad GS motorcycles (except G 450 X / G 650 X Challenge / G 310 GS / R 9 T Urban GS) with a valid motorcycle-operating license that expires after March, 6 2022. A physical license is required at the point of registration. Its photocopy or photograph will not be accepted.

3. The GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand will accept only 120 competing riders, based on the time of their application submission and payment.

4. The GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand incurs an application fee of THB 5,500, which includes the following:

  • the right to compete in the GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand, subject to terms and conditions;
  • a one-night private room stay;
  • meals throughout the program; and
  • one jersey to be worn during the events.

An officer will contact applicants within seven days for document verification. If the documents provided cannot satisfy the requirements, ineligible applicants will receive a reimbursement of 80% of the application fee.

5. Duration: The GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand and related CSR activities will take place between March 5–6, 2021.

  • Saturday, March 5, 2021: Thailand’s pre-qualification event will determine eighteen male riders and six female riders with top scores. Moreover, the qualifier in the afternoon session will determine 10 male riders and three female riders with the top scores.
  • Saturday, March 6, 2021: The qualifier and final event will determine Thailand’s three male for the final round at The International GS Trophy 2022 Southeast Europe at Albania for the male rider category. While 2 female riders to join the “Follow The Trail” event at Albania.

6. All applicants who have successfully completed the registration process (the “Contestants,” “They,” “Their”) on the morning of Saturday, March 5, 2021, must bring the motorcycles They have registered for competing in the events (the “Motorcycles”) to designated parking before proceeding to attend a mandatory briefing on the events’ rules, regulations, and other applicable particulars. This briefing will take place in a designated meeting hall. Once inside, the Motorcycles will not be allowed to leave designated parking until the end of the briefing session, immediately after which a fleet marshal will lead the Contestants and Their Motorcycles into the competition terrain. Throughout the competition, Contestants’ Motorcycles must be parked in a designated zone only, and the Contestants must always accompany Their Motorcycles to every test station. Any one of the Contestants or Motorcycles found to leave the designated premises will have the maximum number of points deducted at each of the remaining stations on that day, subject to the organizer’s discretion.

7. Contestants will be subject to several tests and trials with varying difficulty levels and are hereby advised to prepare Their bodies and Motorcycles for challenges uncommon in Their everyday operation. These challenges are considered to be similar to those found in off-road races. Contestants may also be subject to dusty and/or muddy environments, depending on the weather. Notwithstanding, it is the Contestants’ legal right to refuse to participate in any test or trial at any station. In this case, the Contestants will not receive any point at that station and may be subject to a maximum point deduction pursuant to established terms and conditions.

8. Contestants must be legally eligible and at least 18 years of age at the time of the event. Only Thai nationals, according to the verified registration form, will be eligible. Contestants must wear all of the necessary protective equipment* while competing and possess a valid motorcycle-operating license to be allowed to compete. The completeness of protective equipment is subject to the organizer’s discretion.

9. Thailand’s male Contestants to compete in the International GS Trophy 2022 Southeast Europe must own a BMW Motorrad GS motorcycle at the time of application submission; however, female Contestants are exempt from this provision. Additionally, GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand Contestants must be Thai nationals with permanent residency in Thailand. The following individuals are not eligible to compete in the GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand: BMW employees; the organizer’s employees; BMW dealers’ employees; BMW Motorrad consultants; individuals with an Inter/Class B permit for motorcycle racing;  individuals who have received instruction from the BMW Motorrad Instructor Academy; motorcycle instructors of any company, agency, or organization; individuals with a permit to compete in any Trial / Enduro / Motocross motorcycle racing events certified by FIM/FMSCT; and individuals who have qualified to compete in any previous International GS Trophy events.

Notes: Male Contestants must present genuine proof of ownership of their BMW Motorrad GS Motorcycles to the organizer, who will verify its authenticity and correctness. In the event that a Contestant does not own the Motorcycle, the Contestant must provide proof of familial relation to the legal owner of the Motorcycle. The completeness and correctness of the documents furnished are subject to the organizer’s discretion. Photocopies or photographs of these documents are not accepted.

10. The GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier Thailand will select three male and two female Contestants with the best scores. The male finalist is a contestants for the International GS Trophy 2022  Albania and the female team is the representative for “Follow The Trial” for The International GS Trophy 2022 Albania

11. Any of the three male contestants selected to compete in the International GS Trophy 2022 Southeast Europe Albania event will receive team/individual training from Enduro Park Thailand. These Contestants will be subject to additional comportment terms and conditions, which are either determined or approved by BMW Motorrad Thailand. In the event that any of the aforesaid Contestants violates the terms and conditions set forth, BMW Motorrad Thailand has the right to replace this Contestant with a runner-up Contestant from the qualification event immediately.

12. Contestants will be responsible for Their own fuels by ensuring that Their Motorcyles’ tanks are full before registration.

13. Enduro tires permitted for use on public roads are recommended for this competition.

14. Only technically sound Motorcycles with a valid license plate or permit may be used in the competition. The organizer has legal rights to deny entry to Motorcycles that exhibit dubious technical conditions, which may lead to an accident during the competition. All entries are subject to the organizer’s discretion.

15. The organizer and its representatives/teams cannot be held accountable for any health risks to the Contestants arising from Their participation in this competition. Contestants hereby acknowledge that They will be responsible for undergoing a physical examination before entering the competition; must bring with them a sufficient amount of medication they may require; and will be responsible for Their own well-being throughout the competitive events. The organizer shall only be held liable for damage caused by intentional or unintentional gross negligence or infringement of any material agreement or covenant set forth in this contractual document (material obligations only), including death, severe injury, and/or health risks caused by the organizer and its representatives/teams.

16. Contestants whose signatures are appended to the end of this contractual document hereby agree to be held liable for damages, in all cases, without limitations, demanded by a third party to the organizer for any personal or other loss caused by the Contestants themselves or the Contestants’ Motorcycles during the competition as long as and to the extent that these third party demands exceed the coverage of a public liability insurance policy that the organizer has obtained for this competition. The Contestants hereby agree to be held liable for the remaining damages incurred to the organizer in the event of demand, including legal proceedings’ expenses.

17. All Contestants hereby acknowledge that They do not have the right to demand any compensation for Their likeness or appearance in images; moving pictures; or interviews on any radio station, television channel, internet site, print media, or book; or copies of images made during the competition for broadcasting, printing, or public relations purposes. Nevertheless, Contestants’ personal information and data will never be disclosed to any external party except for entities within the BMW Group. In the event that Contestants wish to prohibit the use of Their personal data and information, They may so state without incurring any fees.

18. By completing the registration process, the Contestants acknowledge these terms and conditions and agree to comply with the events’ rules and regulations.

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