Adventure means constant change.

And never buy the same toothpaste twice.

Brad Klynsmith is from Durban and a member of the band Gangs of Ballet. He rediscovered his passion for motorcycling three years ago and has been living and breathing motorcycles ever since. When he's not writing songs or following motorcycle news, you'll find him on his surfboard. Brad told us how he got back into motorcycling and why he never buys the same toothpaste twice. 

You're not just moving, you're gliding – whether you're riding or surfing. ”

Brad Klynsmith


Do something you’ve never done before

Brad is part of the Everyday Adventure Project. One day he looks out the window and sees a  G 310 GS in his front garden.There's a note with his name on it and a challenge: Do something you've never done before. Brad knew right away what he would do on his Everyday Adventure with the G 310 GS . He's equally passionate about motorcycling and surfing. So why not trying combining the two? He teamed up with two friends and made his Everyday Adventure happen. One of them owns a surf shop with custom boards and the other one immediately loved the idea of riding the  G 310 GS  across the sand and pulling a surfer. So they made it happen. When they got to the beach, they figured out a way of attaching the rope to the motorcycle. After a few trial runs that ended up with Brad in the water, the motorcycle was soon pulling him and the board out of the water. Together they glided down the beach in a tandem flow. Mission accomplished. The result: his very own Everyday Adventure with the  G 310 GS.

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As a teenager he had amazing fun riding tracks around his yard. Somehow all that fun went almost forgotten. Then one day a friend gave him a scooter to ride. Suddenly he remembered how much fun motorcycling was for him. All it took was one ride on the scooter to rediscover his love of motorcycling – that was three years ago.

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Ever since then, motorcycles and anything having to do with motorcycles have become a real passion for him. He's always browsing Instagram accounts and following the latest news about motorcycles. What Brad loves so much about motorcycling is the wind in his hair, the freedom to just hit the road, and the places that you can only reach on a bike. There's also a very practical side – no more looking for parking spaces.

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Brad doesn't go looking for adventure, he's simply open to them as they come. At the same time, he's always trying to bring fresh inspiration to his life through constant change. He sets small tasks and challenges for himself. For example, he always tries out a different route on his ride home. That way he automatically discovers new roads, restaurants, places and people. Brad is also constantly changing up little things so that he never gets into a rut. For example, he never buys the same toothpaste twice. By constantly changing and trying new things, he quickly realised that he's better at many more things than he ever imagined – simply because he gave them a try. Try it out!

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Life is a journey. There will always be boring parts. But then you have to make sure that there will be at least as much adventurous parts too. ”

Brad Klynsmith


His father's a drummer, his mother's a pianist. So it was almost inevitable that he would become a musician. Even though he hated playing piano as a child. He became a musician anyway and started the band Gangs of Ballet with two friends. Based in Durban, all three band members studied music at university and decided to turn their passion into a career. Their music defies classification –  it's experimental, an eclectic mix of alternative, melodic pop, electronic and dance music. Brad is the singer, songwriter and guitarist. You'll still have to travel to South Africa if you want to see Brad and the band live. But we hope to welcome Gangs of Ballet to a BMW Motorrad Event soon. Until then you can listen to Brads Spotify Playlist here.

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You have to feel the flow. That's the magic of motorcycling. ”

Brad Klynsmith

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