From Africa to Antarctica.

Projects all over the world.

Snow storms, sand storms, temperatures from -50 to + 50 degrees Celsius: Such conditions never stop Michael Martin from pursuing trip after trip in the world's extreme places. Martin's many photobooks, books, photographic essays and films deliver insights into his adventures.

Deserts present extraordinary challenges. Deserts have fascinated me since I was 17. ”

Travelling Africa.

Martin explored the African continent over the course of 80 trips in the 1990s. He chronicled his travels in his 2002 book "Unterwegs in Afrika" (Travelling Africa). This project shows the contrasts of the African continent, its people and everyday life.
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Deserts of the Earth.

100,000 kilometres around the world: From 1999 to 2004 Martin and camerawoman Elke Wallner travelled to over 50 countries. Their motorcycle journey took them to the Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia, Australia, South and North America and Africa.
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Planet Desert.

This project took Martin to cold places for the first time. To be more exact: polar deserts. He wanted to compare these regions with the world's hot deserts.
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