From the hard impact.

Model, motorcyclist and Thai box Patricia Gebauer.

Models and extreme sport are not mutually exclusive. And living proof of this is Patricia Gebauer. Born in Munich, she loves motorcycling with a passion and keeps herself in shape with the Thai martial art Muay Thai. Risking broken bones and bruises in the toughest martial art in the world in no way impinges on her passion.

Beauty in the ring.

An empty factory. Photo lights and studio flashes are set up in a small corner which is lost in the big hall. The photographer aims his camera at the model. Behind her is the S 1000 XR – photo shoot for BMW Motorrad. Ten clicks of the camera and that was it. Off she goes to the next photo location. For Patricia Gebauer, this is not stressful. After all, she is a pro.
A model with long blonde hair, blue eyes and toned body. What differentiates her from many other models is her passion for extreme sport. She often spends her free time in the ring. Gebauer practises the Thai national sport Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing. A traditional martial art, which was used during wartime by the Thai army.
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Gym? No way.

Gym? No way.

In order to keep her body in shape, Gebauer originally wanted to train in the gym. But she found it too boring and impersonal. She attended several boxing clubs in Munich and encountered the legendary Muay Thai pro Günter Scheller. He showed her the martial art and Gebauer realised that this was the right type of sport for her. Ten months later, she had her first competition. "I was very nervous before my first fight, because I knew that I would come up against a tough opponent after this short training period. But I wanted to face this challenge", she says looking back.

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From beginner to fierce opponent.

From beginner to fierce opponent.

Gebauer lost her first fight. But she realised that she had to face this challenge again. "I started off training twice a week. This soon became twice a day", she says. In no time at all, she had become a pro – and a fierce opponent. Because behind that pretty face hides an irrepressible iron will. So great that Gebauer even accepts the risk of injury that is part and parcel with this type of sport. "I am working on myself to ensure that I don't get injured. Because I have to pick up the tab for this", she says referring to her modelling career.

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Knockout with the elbow.

Broken bones and impacts are a regular occurrence in Muay Thai, primarily because full use of physical strength is permitted. During the fight, you can bring your entire body into play", Gebauer explains.
"It's not just about hitting like it is with boxing. Muay Thai also has combative elements, which are reminiscent of the ring". Gebauer often uses her elbow in Thai boxing. "The elbow is the hardest bone in the body, which makes it a good K.O. weapon".
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I love feeling the power on the motorcycle. ”

Patricia Gebauer

Feeling of liberty on the motorcycle.

Injuries or not – Gebauer wants to keep practising Thai boxing for at least another five years. In order to keep updated with the martial art sport, she travels to Thailand every year, where she learns the latest fighting techniques.
In south east Asia, she discovered motorcycling for herself. On the little travelled streets of the Thai backlands, she experienced the feeling of absolute freedom. "I love being so free and feeling the power on the motorcycle. It feels as if I could master anything!"
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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is the national sport in Thailand. It evolved from traditional martial arts and originated from ancient battlefields. The fight usually takes place in the ring with boxing gloves. During the fight, the use of feet, shins, fists, elbows and knees is permitted. Another feature is clinching. Due to the risk of injury, Muay Thai is among the toughest fighting sports in the world.

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