#Rideandshare – and win.

Social Media Superfan at the BMW Motorrad Days.

The BMW Motorrad Days drew motorcycling fans from all over the world to meet up in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Two of them even travelled all the way from British Columbia in Canada. As winners of the social media campaign #Rideandshare, they received a priceless experience.

Naomi Tweddle and Alberto Lara Mendieta are more commonly known in the social media world as MotoLara. The pair's motorcycling adventures have gone down a storm in their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter communities as well as on their website. This is how BMW Motorrad became aware of MotoLara while on the lookout for a social media superfan, and invited them and other passionate bikers to post their experiences in a challenge under the tag #Rideandshare. In the end, the winner would be the one able to excite and motivate their community to interact and the one who got the most likes and shares.

The campaign quickly gained momentum among the participants, who immediately yielded the fruits of their labour: together, they acquired around 100,000 new fans in seven weeks. MotoLara had 8,595 subscribers on Instagram at the beginning of #Rideandshare. By the end, there were 15,500 subscribers. MotoLara shared 67 pictures during this time, each time tagged with #Rideandshare. They received 62,215 likes. These posts alone reached over a million people. Reason enough for MotoLara to ultimately become the winner.
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Find friends via pictures and text

The photos posted by MotoLara during the campaign were fascinating recordings from their journeys over the past few years. Although #Rideandshare has finished, subscriber numbers are still on the rise. "People from all over the world are writing to us; from Australia, Europe and South America. They ask questions, like, comment, and invite us to visit them." Naomi and Alberto are thrilled by the fact that their pictures and texts bring them into contact with so many people. "We enjoy the exchange, are delighted to receive feedback and to follow other people's journeys. I particularly like Instagram, and love to be inspired by the tips of fellow adventurers", Naomi says.

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"I enjoy photography and find Instagram an inspiration for my own work"; says Alberto. "Social media spurs me on to do better, visit new places and try out new things. We get ideas for our own journeys and then become trendsetters ourselves." As a Peruvian, Alberto also involved his Spanish-speaking community with the #Rideandshare topic. Yet MotoLara's social scope reaches further. "A few years ago, a couple from New Zealand followed our current adventure tour. Later, they themselves set out on an even bigger journey. One of the must-dos was a layover with us in Canada. So they made the trip down from Alaska to us. We showed them our place and had a lovely few days with them. It was as if we had known each other all along."

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People from all over the world are writing to us; from Australia, Europe and South America. They ask questions, like, comment, and invite us to come and visit them. ”

Naomi Tweddle

The BMW Motorrad Days experience.

Naomi and Alberto were invited to the BMW Motorrad Days 2016 for their successes with #Rideandshare. Here too, they have thrilled their community, BMW fans and like-minded adventurers. Alongside this, there was still enough time to provide more concrete inspiration for the latest equipment for world trips.
Before the trip to the BMW Motorrad Days was lined up, Alberto asked BMW Motorrad whether they would be allowed to use the time in Europe to generate even more social media material by riding their motorcycles to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and spending a few days in the impressive mountain landscape after the BMW Motorrad days, maybe even taking a detour into neighbouring Austria or nearby Italy.
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"Our contact at BMW Motorrad had nothing against this. We even received two rental motorcycles", Alberto tell us with great enthusiasm. On the morning after the warm-up party in the BMW museum in Munich, two R 1200 GS were waiting for MotoLara. "The party was brilliant", Naomi says. "We celebrated with thousands of people. Every now and again, we would take a look at the BMW museum. When we returned to the party, it was raining. But no one took any notice of this; everyone had fun and simply carried on dancing."

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The road to the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was another experience for the pair: picturesque streets, good road surface and considerate road users. "The motorcyclists respect drivers here and the same applies vice versa. You notice that many motorcyclists wear good safety equipment, as if to say: motorcycling is great and we do everything to make sure that motorcyclists are also responsible people", Naomi explains.
It was clear for all to see from their beaming faces that the pair enjoyed the BMW Motorrad Days. "We had so much fun immediately after our arrival – and this just continued throughout the entire weekend", Naomi says. "The event was huge. The many motorcyclists, people and program – it all fits together perfectly. Music, food and exhibitions everywhere. It was so exciting, especially the motodrome and the GS trophy tent."
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Discover MotoLara.

Immediately after the BMW Motorrad Days, Lara and Alberto set out on a three-day excursion with suggested routes into the Dolomites, through northeast Italy and along the Großglockner High Alpine Road. You can find all their impressions under the hashtag #Rideandshare on their website and on the social media platforms Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
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