You're never alone with a GS.

Ten days. Five Riders. And GS fans everywhere.

There are many of them. They are everywhere. And they all share the same passion – the GS riders. They live all over the world and make up a huge community. Stéphane is one of them and has met GS fans while on tour all over America. And he has covered thousands of kilometres in the process. Riding through stunning landscapes on legendary highways, dusty streets and paths. And experiencing the spirit of GS up close and personal. Not only has he experienced unforgettable moments on his trip across the USA, he has also made a whole heap of friends.

Like the five fingers on a hand.

Stéphane, Jim, Shawn, Tim and Eric ride together as if they had known each other for decades. And yet this is their first tour together. They are all united by the same values and their love of nature, dirt tracks and, of course, riding GS. Over the course of their journey together across the America, the five riders become friends. Shared experiences bind them together. They are like the five fingers on a hand.

The "five finger gang" experiences the elements as directly and intensively as can only be possible on a motorcycle. And have a good deal of fun along the way – a spontaneous football match in the desert, a detour to a deserted wild western town and a snowball fight for instance. With who else apart from your crew could you experience so much in such a short space of time – and all that on a GS?

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As well as the shared experiences, the challenges that they overcame together are the main source of strength for the team. The snowy mountain pass in the mountains of Santa Barbara County is just one of the extreme challenges for the the GS and the five companions on their tour across America. Yet the prevailing perception at the end of the journey over the snow was a unanimous "cool". 

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All five riders have by now become aware that this tour is about exploring the extremes, and will repeatedly test them to their limits. An adventure where it is essential to be able to rely on each other. On your fellow travellers as well as on your bike. They successfully mastered the snow and the cold. In stark contrast to this is the crossing of the legendary Death Valley, which awaits the five travellers.

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It is already 30 degrees here in the morning. Yet despite the heat, the riders keep a cool head and overcome this challenge as well. The fifteen minute long ride into the sunset is the reward for all their efforts and is one of the highlights of the tour. Heat and a whole load of sand are behind them. On Highway 10, the challenge is invisible.

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The gigantic wind mills in the surrounding area give the "five finger gang" an idea of which force of nature awaits them – the wind. They battle with severe crosswinds for almost an hour. The solidarity and trust they have built up over the course of their journey become clearly visible here. They move like bees: in harmony and perfectly aligned, as if they had always been riding motorcycles together.

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Live your dream rather than dreaming your life. ”

Stéphane Gautronneau

They are everywhere.

The five lads are not alone for long on their tour across America. They met new GS fans, riders and communities along their entire journey – the spirit of GS is simply everywhere. They are accompanied by a dozen BMW riders on their way to San Francisco.

They ride over the Golden Gate Bridge together and relish the bends. Upon arriving in the city, they see even more curves. But not as they first thought – there is a naked bicycle parade underway. "So there are people who experience riding even more intensively than we do after all," Stéphane shouts to the others. His comment is met with roaring laughter.

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Mount Hamilton Road is one of the windiest roads and the favourite route for the local GS community CalMotor. The informal atmosphere is unique and everyone is thrilled to be here. The five no longer ride the terrifying road down the mountain alone, but instead are accompanied by local BMW riders – pure riding fun.

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Even though everything flashes and shines in Las Vegas – the GS community is dazzled by the GS. They all gather at the local dealership to welcome the five friends and catch a glimpse of the GS. They of course talk shop and swap experiences.

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They once again put a great many kilometres behind them on the dirt track. Upon their arrival at the Rawhyde Enduropark, the "five finger gang" are greeted by over 200 American GS riders, their bikes and a lavish BBQ. This is where kindred spirits, who have experienced GS adventures together, meet. One giant GS family which cheers the lads on for the last stage of the US tour. Simply spectacular!

The journey across America leaves behind lasting memories for everyone, along with the realisation that GS is everywhere, is always welcoming and can be found in a wide array of forms – this is the beauty of the GS community.


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"A good rider, a nice guy with a good sense of humour – and a friend for life!" This is how Stéphane's tour companions describe him. And this is precisely what he says about every member of his gang following their journey. For in a matter of days, the riders became friends. They crossed the country of unlimited possibilities together, and had an infinite amount of fun along the way – not to mention riding pleasure. They met extraordinary people and experienced nature more up close and intensively than ever before. They overcame extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and saw places which they would otherwise never have reached – and which they will never forget. All five are in agreement: this is the spirit of GS.

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