Deluxe R nine T conversion.

L'Echappée Belle ("The Great Escape") sidecar design wins Custom Contest.
A sidecar? A sidecar.

R nineT with an off-road touch.

"From the start it was clear to us that if we were to install a sidecar, the bike would also need tyres for off-road driving", says Krotki. And he was right: the Continental TKC 80 studded tyres give the R nineT an extraordinary off-road touch. The rear wheel of the R nineT was mounted on the sidecars. The footrests come from the R 1200 GS.
The bike and sidecar are immaculately painted in bold bilious green. But they also customised the small details: light brown covers were sewn for the seats. Other eye-catchers are the additional headlights, which are mounted on the centre and on the sidecar on the RnineT.
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We definitely wanted to keep the scrambler look of the R nineT.

Benoit Krotki (OSE)

The common man's car

But why a sidecar? In times of economic crisis, the sidecar was the common man's car. Lots of luggage could be transported in it, or you could travel with your family. The vehicle was made for "great escapes". The boys drew on this and installed a Watsonian Squire sidecar on the R nineT.
"We had a few problems with the installation of the sidecar on the R nineT housing," says Krotki. After much deliberation, the boys had to make some changes to the original design. "These are the pitfalls that come with modifications", admits the customiser.
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The number one topic of conversation.

At the beginning of October, the bike was presented at the Maison des Métallos in Paris. "L'Echappée Belle" - "The Great Escape" was already the number one topic of conversation there. Now the boys will present their bike at different exhibitions. "We are excited for the worldwide comments on our sidecar concept", says Krotki.
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