The imposter.

Violent impostor of El Solitario.

Deceitful and unloved are not attributes people like to associate themselves with. David Borrás on the other hand forces disrespectful comments with his custom bike Impostor. Why is this the case?     

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El Solitario


David Borrás


R nineT




Art Bike

Untamed behind bars

It is completely normal to give your motorcycle a name. Out there, there are a great deal of Black Pearls, Cherry Bombs or Speedys. What is slightly more unusual is when someone calls their bike Imposter, Deceiver or Swindler. In Spanish: el impostor. Unless you are called David Borrás, who couldn't care less about conventions and can't get enough of rebelliously offending people. Nothing bores the Spanish customizer more than the mainstream. He is and remains a lone wolf – in Spanish: el solitario. This means he can only really be pleased that the Impostor was given the title of the "most hated motorcycle". Coarsely carved art instead of polished beauty, a driving cage made of stainless steel. But let's rewind back to the beginning, when there was just a name. 

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I am surprised by how severely people can criticise a motorcycle. It's just a toy that BMW gave to me – even if I ultimately destroyed it a little. ”

David Borrás

El Solitario

"I always need the name first, before I can define the character of a project. I called the bike the Imposter because it is not real. It is a spirit, inspired by the wireframe models of a wind tunnel", David says. If the bike appears to be modified to the point of being unrecognisable, paradoxically concealed behind the raw merciless stanchions, the virtually original R nineT remains. A sheep in wolf's clothing. An imposter, a swindler. Impostor. Decorated with insignias from pirates, the Trojan war or Russian prisons. The main thing is that it is dark and with a pinch of Borrásian gallows humour. Memories are awakened of the long-distance motorcycles of the eighties with two tanks – at least for some of us. Others think of shopping trolleys, CD shelves or clothes horses when they see the motorcycle. So what?! El Solitario likes it scary, bizarre – and unmistakeable. Well it worked.    

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The bike in detail


Standard frame


Full fairing made of stainless steel brackets in the look of a wind tunnel wireframe model. Double petrol tank inspired by the long-distance racing motorcycles of the eighties. Four BMW high-beam LEDs, a yellow vintage-look Marchal fog light, bright LED tail light, Motogadget turn indicators    

Front suspension

Front suspension of the S 1000 RR

Rear suspension

Rear suspension of the S 1000 RR 


Reworked Ducati 999R exhaust


Army green paint work with engraving

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