Culture shock for the USA.

With the R nineT Classic from RSD.

When former racer Roland Sands starts a project, the result is bound to be spectacular. In order to bring the style of Café Racers closer to Americans, he even developed a range of accessories. 

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R nineT Classic


Roland Sands Design


Roland Sands


R nineT




Cafe Racer

Café Racer for the USA.

Café Racer for the USA.

Roland Sands is a missionary. The task of the motorcycle designer: Provide enlightenment in the US. The land of opportunity is often limited by the belief in long-fork choppers with large twin-cylinder V-engines. That's what Roland wants to change and reveal to his compatriots; the beauty that lies in the Café Racer and urban style. "I'll help explain to the Americans what the R nineT stands for," says the Californian. And what better way to conquer the USA than a bike that can easily be rebuilt according to the ideas of its owner?

"I saw the bike and immediately the ideas poured through my brain. "I got even more excited after riding the bike for the first time," reports the former professional racer. "The unfiltered dynamics and the rich torque enthused me completely. With the R nineT, BMW is returning to motorcycles with a distinctive style and soul."    

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American customers love to modify their machines. The easier the manufacturer makes it for his customers, the more the machine is in demand. ”

Roland Sands

Roland Sands Design

Roland's appreciation of the BMW design was evident in the creation of the Concept Ninety. But the owner of Roland Sands Design had another idea for his next project. The RSD team vowed not to cut off the BMW R nineT and only modify it the way an average toolkit would. At the same time, the bike served as a test object for the planned range of accessories. While working on the R nineT Classic, Roland and his employees developed high-quality parts that give each R nineT an individual look and are assembled with minimal effort. The CNC machined valve and front covers, an individual headlight, a sports exhaust system and the likewise machined fuel filler cap fit perfectly into the overall image of Roland’s R nineT and act like exceptionally elegant processed standard parts. The tinkerer even replaced inconspicuous details such as the rear torque arm or handlebar ends with self-made parts. In the tank paint job, the Californian chose a technoid, black and silver custom paint job. The dip tubes of the upside-down fork and the shift and brake levers were given a coat of black paint.  

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The bike in detail


Modified rear frame


Tank with porthole, protection plates with decorations and fairing by Sosa Metal Works, single seat by Bitchin Rich, CNC machined valve and front cover, individual headlights  

Front suspension

Suspension from GP Suspension, upside-down fork, Sticky Tires, Hutch Wheel, self-made handlebar ends  

Rear suspension

Shock absorbers from Öhlins


Sports exhaust system  


Technoid, black and silver custom painting, black paint covering for dip tubes of the upside-down fork and shift and brake levers     

An homage to the past.

But he did not want to tinker about with the technology. "I saw no reason to change anything on the engine, brakes or suspension," says Roland. For the former racer, the R nineT is a perfectly tuned machine that guarantees riding pleasure. Its conversion is also a prime example of successful customizing and radiates the flair that Americans love so much. With the R nineT Classic and its range of accessories, he has come a great deal closer to his mission of missionizing the United States. 

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