Challenge the City.

With the G 310 R through São Paulo.

The challenges are the same in cities all over the world: red lights, packed subways, long lines of traffic that have you inching forward at a snail's pace. No problem for the G 310 R. It will turn your daily commute to work a into an enjoyable ride and show you the city from a new perspective.

Stunt rider Chris Northover takes the G 310 R through São Paulo's crazy evening rush hour traffic. He's able to meander the bike through the big city hustle and bustle with lightness and agility. With fast-changing curves, he leaves the city behind and goes out to redefine the city limits. With the new BMW Roadster, Chris demonstrated that 313 cc is just a number and real performance is measured on the road.

For me, riding motorcycles is a huge grin on my face and pure enjoyment. ”

Chris Northover

Longboarding and biking.

Longboarding and biking.

Riding motorcycles and longboarding are a way of life – the joy of riding together is the common bond between them. Chris, a motorcycle enthusiast from a young age, and Guto Negao, downhill longboarding world champion, got together with friends for a thrilling ride on the roads surrounding São Paulo. They left the city streets behind for exhilarating downhill bends. Follow the flow of the street.

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In the urban jungle

Chris Northover travelled to São Paulo to hang out with Guto Negão, ride the new G 310 R and have a good time. He's impressed by the city, especially the people. All are relaxed in spite of the hustle and bustle and the crowds. Guto lives in São Paulo and is part of the Brazilian longboarding scene. You'll often find him in southern Brazil at the weekends – on his longboard, of course. Chris and Guto make their way together through the huge metropolis. São Paulo is the transport hub of the state of São Paulo. As many as 11.9 million travel the city's streets every day. “Paulistanos”, as São Paulo's inhabitants are called, are a multicultural group. Portuguese, Italian, German, Lebanese and Japanese influences abound in this megacity.
On their way to the mountains, they cross the Estaiada Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, one of the city's major sights. This cable-stayed bridge spans the Pinheiros River. At 1,600 metres long and 138 metres tall, the bridge is an impressive sight, especially at night, and well worth the excursion for motorcyclists. They cross the bridge and head out of the city. Their true adventure begins when Guto gets on his longboard and picks up speed. Together they enjoy the mountains, riding together and the relaxed atmosphere of Brazil. With views over the city one thing quickly becomes clear: This trip was just the beginning.
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An interview with Chris Northover

"I am a ruthless enthusiast."

Interview with stunt rider and author Chris Northover.

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Intense riding pleasure

The BMW G 310 R.

The agile power pack is the essence of riding pleasure. It was built for pulsing cities and for all those who simply love riding motorcycles. It is manoeuvrable, easy to handle and sporty at the same time. Whether you're a large or small rider – every type of rider feels immediately at home on the BMW G 310 R!

About the G 310 R

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