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Chris and Guto are teaming up to conquer the roads in and around São Paulo. See here how rapidly the pair pick up speed. Chris Northover is just a good guy who loves motorcycling so much he's made a career out of it. Guto is a Brazilian longboarder who's been skateboarding for over seven years. Their passion for speed and cornering joins the pair together – regardless of whether they are on two wheels or four Allow it to take you away too.

Chris & Guto.

Chris & Guto.

The fun of riding together is the common bond between Chris and his friend Guto. Whether it's on a motorcycle or a longboard, riding is both a profession and a calling for both of them. Chris travelled to Brazil to ride with Guto and a few friends in the mountains around São Paulo. Armed with the G 310 R and the longboards, they set out on an adventure and have a great time together.

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The best thing about longboarding is going down the mountain with my friends. Taking the curves together with them is simply amazing! It's the best feeling ever! ”

Guto Negão

Interview with Guto

Guto Negão is 27 years old and already the world champion in downhill longboarding. Skateboarding has been his passion ever since he was 20. It all started as a hobby and it was only by coincidence that he discovered how good he was. He had decided to compete in a race just for fun, even though he had no training or experience. He was shocked at how well he did, and now it's hard to imagine a competition without him. In this interview, Guto talks about his longboarding experiences, what longboards and motorcycles have in common, and his plans for the future.
How long have you been longboarding?
The first time I stood on a longboard, I was 20 years old. I saw one and wanted to know what on earth it was.
What must beginners watch out for?
For those taking up longboarding, a word to the wise: make sure you wear a helmet and gloves. Because at the beginning, you will fall over often and will inevitably have to use your hands to brake, hence the need for gloves. Knee guards provide even more protection.
How often and how do you train to be so good?
Training is really simple. It's more of a functional training. So I try to strengthen my motion sequences. The real training is the boarding itself. Ideally as much as possible and on as many days as possible. The best way to train is with someone who pushes you to get better. So you need a big crew and mountains. A lot of mountains is the best, with a good deal of variation, different corners and varying speeds.
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You were at so many events over the past few years. Which was the best and why?
Definitely Teutonia, because of the high speeds. It is a very technical race, because you are hardly allowed to move at all. You find yourself in "high-speed mode" and can't even look up because you are going so fast and the wind is so strong that you could fall off your board at any time. That was pretty exciting, but I think the most incredible race I have ever had was the last race – when I became world champion.
Have you got any goals left after becoming world champion?
My goal for 2016 is definitely to become world champion again. I definitely want to win all races I take part in. It might well be possible to become world champion when you come second every now and again, but I always want to be the winner.
What is your highest speed on the longboard?
My highest measured speed during a race was 119 km/h, but my personal highest speed was 139 km/h. But that's not official, because I can't prove it.
Do you believe motorcycling and longboarding have anything in common?
What longboarding and motorcycling have in common for me is how you lean into the corners and feel the asphalt beneath your tyres. I think the feeling of leaning into a corner at full speed is very similar on the motorcycle and the longboard.
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Interview with stunt rider and author Chris Northover.

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