Cruising Gourmet.

Savoir-vivre on two wheels.

Professional chef Wolfgang Weigler is a bon vivant, both on the motorcycle and in the kitchen, ideally both at the same time. On a pleasure tour with the BMW Bagger – including the art of cooking from the pannier.

Breathe. Fill up on freedom. With the bagger through the Indian summer.

"If you want to cook well, you need time", says professional cook Wolfgang Weigler. The man who speaks this fast and handles a knife even faster stands calmly next to the stove and observes the Italian omelette in the pan. For him the best start to a day which will be spent from morning until night with joy in the saddle. The sky is almost too blue, the sun too bright and the K 1600 B outside too new.

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Everything is simply too perfect to stand in the kitchen and watch a frittata solidify. Nevertheless, Wolfgang takes his time and surprises the others with a seemingly simple recipe and that much more of an extraordinary taste experience. "I like it to interpret ordinary food in a creative way." The plates are empty, the stomachs full as they head off towards the Alps into the sun. Cruising on the limits of pleasure.

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Indian Summer Ride

Narrow roads wind their way over the hills of the alpine upland. They alternate with sweeping avenues through which the streamlined bagger glides. Colourful leaves dance in the wind channel of trees before gliding like a shower of gold to the ground. The feet at the front on the footboards, lean back and enjoy.

Wolfgang cruises through the Indian summer, fascinated by the magnificent variety of colours and the refreshing autumn air. Breathe. Fill up on freedom. "When I mount the motorcycle, I let go of the world. Then I am offline. Only the road exists, nothing else interests me." Shifting up means switching off and finding peace. On the way to new horizons.

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Catering out of the pannier

Noon. Time for lunch from the pannier. Wolfgang Weigler knows a thing or two about mobile kitchens. With his catering trailer W.U.F.O., he specialises in whipping up culinary delights even in the most remote of locations. The W.U.F.O. weighs 8.75 tonnes, is over 10 metres long and provides space for 28 square metres of kitchen. It is fitted with event technology from light to sound. Wolfgang cooks for companies and celebrities; often for 300 or 3,000 people. Today, he cooks for three, his vehicle is two and a half metres long and weighs 336 kilos. The panniers of the K 1600 B provide enough storage space for all ingredients of the barbecue – including high-quality foldable grill.

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What might seem inconvenient is freedom and the expression of the highest level of individuality for Wolfgang Weigler. "I am more of the customiser among the chefs. My customers receive their catering exclusively and tailor-made." Because as we all know, taste differs from person to person. With personalised packages, Wolfgang ensures enjoyment. "Being as flexible as this is in my blood. I love cooking different things and for instance linking regional and exotic cuisine, immersing traditions in a new spirit." The most important thing for Wolfgang is the undivided attention for his actions. "I am passionate both as a motorcyclist and a chef. For me, this is the requirement for one hundred per cent enjoyment."

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When I mount the motorcycle, I let go of the world. Then I am offline. Shifting up means switching off and finding peace. ”

Wolfgang Weigler

Pro chef

Weigler's cruiser recipe

How much taste experience fits into two panniers? A great deal, as professional chef Wolfgang Weigler is well aware. For the pleasure trip with the BMW Bagger, he has filled his saddle bags to the brim with delicacies: prawns in the corn poulard coat, tomatoes, sauces, baguette – and fresh fruit, which Wolfgang buys at a market stall on the way. "It doesn't always have to be pompous, but definitely high quality and exceptional in every detail", says Wolfgang. With simple ideas, he ensures savoir-vivre on the plates, served amidst an exclusive backdrop looking out over the lake and up into the mountains.

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Ingredients: prawns in corn poulard coat.

3 corn poulard breasts, with skin and bones

3 king prawns

3 tomatoes

1 fresh baguette

Native olive oil extra

Salt and pepper

Mango chutney

Prepare at home.

The preparations for Weigler's cruiser recipe can be made the day before. First blanch the king prawns and then peel them, do not remove the tail end. Remove the bones from the corn poulard breasts and fill each with one prawn, allow the tail end to protrude. Poach in a vacuum-sealed bag at 69 degrees for one hour in the sous-vide program. Alternatively, rub olive oil onto a baking tray and cook the corn poulards at 80 degrees for an hour. Then rapidly cool to maintain the quality. To do so, put the corn poulards into a plastic box and put them in the freezer for 45 minutes. After this, they can be kept in the fridge until you leave the next day. Pack two ice blocks for the journey.

Prepare en route.

For the preparation en route, you can use a foldable grill or a camp stove with a pan. First grill or fry in olive oil the prawns in the corn poulard coat on the breast side and then on the skin side. As they have already been cooked, it is sufficient to roast them crispy on the outside. Chop the fresh tomatoes in half and put them on the grill. Also grill the baguette until it is warm and crispy. Cut the corn poulards into slices, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Then serve on the plates together with tomatoes, bread and mango chutney. Cut open the fresh fruit and serve with it. Suitable plates are for instance thin wooden bowls which can then be burned in the embers of the grill.

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