The most important features of the Rever App.

Compact app with great impact: REVER is child’s play to operate. A few swift moves are all it takes a user to record a ride and share it with the community. The app is equipped with a lot of useful features. 


Tracking and adding photos.

Tracking forms the basis of the app. The function is child's play to operate. Simply press the start button, and the app begins recording your ride. Duration, distance, speed and average speed are determined during your tour and an elevation profile is created. As soon as you end the ride, the data is stored in the app. After a ride, you can add photos you took during the tour. In your recording, they are displayed precisely where you took them.

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Why REVER? Because the app is a good tool for making the community aware of new tours and discovering them. ”

Justin Bradshaw

Sharing with the community.

You decide whether to make your ride public and share it with the whole REVER community or only share it with friends. At the same time, you can discover your friends' journeys and become inspired to copy their rides, comment them and reward them with a "Like". And: tell the community which bike you rode which routes with. In the sub-menu "My garage", you can set up your motorcycle descriptions.  

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The challenge awaits you.

Track, clock up the kilometres and win. This is what it's all about with the various challenges you can take part in with the app. Names like all-season challenge, long-distance rider challenge and world challenge already point to the challenges. Surprises from REVER and the cooperation partners await you.  

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Regardless of whether you are in Germany or Peru; with REVER, you should be able to discover a few very cool tours. ”

Mark Roebke


Find friends.

The premium version (59.99 US dollars p.a.) offers even more cool features. With the group ride function, you can see friends on your phone and localise them if they disappear from the group. 

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Better safe than sorry.

Everyone is happy when you return home from a short excursion or a longer tour. Inform the concerned minds. When you start or finish a ride, the app automatically sends an SMS to selected people. Your GPS location can be transmitted as well. 

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Road evaluations.

In the USA and parts of Germany, the best road sections are evaluated with a colour code. "This in turn provides other riders with valuable information – regardless of whether you are planning a day trip or a weekend excursion", Mark Roebke says.  

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Use offline maps.

With the premium version, you can download map material for every continent and use it in offline mode to navigate your route. By the way, there is also a planning tool available at that you can use. You can also upload the data as a GPX file to your usual navigation system. 

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