On the green carpet at Cannes.

The BMW C evolution at the Green Me Festival.

It was only a month ago that the stars and celebrities were walking down the red carpet in the European film capital Cannes. Now the film industry has returned to the Mediterranean city. At the Green Me Festival for Sustainability, environmental issues were discussed and prizes were awarded to films dealing with the topic of sustainability. Sustainability also plays a central role when it comes to the BMW C evolution, So the maxi scooter was in its element on the Côte d’Azur.

Environmental protection in a prominent setting

The Hollywood film stars may just as well have stayed in Cannes, because more famous faces from the media industry were back in Cannes soon after. With a clear focus: sustainability. By choosing places in the limelight, such as Berlin just before the Berlinale or this time Cannes, the Green Me Festival aims to make its mark. Here, films addressing sustainability issues, workshops and full-on discussions are aimed at raising people's awareness of the environment.

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A plan that is truly coming off in the eyes of Nicolai Niemann, festival president and electromobility user. "The festival just keeps on growing. People are interested in the issue. They do not want to rely on the government to protect the environment anymore. Social media gives them new power to influence decisions. This has brought sustainability out of the niche and into the mainstream."

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The Green Me Festival isn't just about the films themselves, but much more about their ability to attract attention and make a difference. The involvement of young talent is therefore essential. In Cannes, films produced by talented, no-name college and university students were presented, celebrated and awarded prizes. Filmmakers, environmental activists and entrepreneurs formed panels to discuss "Ocean, Life, Water" – the main theme of this year's festival. To relax a little, guests were able to take the BMW C evolution for a test drive around the picturesque outskirts of Cannes.

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The Green Me Festival was held at the same time as Cannes Lions, where creative minds are awarded with the advertising industry's equivalent to the Oscars. With the help of promotional activities on the famous Promenade de la Croisette, the makers of Green Me drew people to the alternative event. "We come to Cannes because communication is going on here and this is important. The issue of sustainability needs to be discussed openly for all to see and hear," says Nic Niemann, who is certain of the fact that "there are good economic reasons to be more ecological." He adds: "We want to motivate people to commit to sustainability."

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There are good economic reasons for being ecologically oriented. We want to motivate people to commit to sustainability. ”

Nic Niemann

Festival president and electromobility user

Film heroes and leading roles

Making a difference and becoming a film hero – this is the feeling that those taking part in the Green Me Festival will take home with them. The presentations given in the Think Tank villa showed what form individual initiative can take and what it can achieve. Among others, Pascale Vaillant, Deputy Mayoress of Cannes, spoke about the revival of farming in Cannes and water treatment in the city, which has been brought to the highest level in France by her and her colleagues.
BMW Motorrad wants to push things forward and make a difference too. With the BMW C evolution, it launched an electrically powered scooter that provides answers to fundamental questions of our time. The zero-emission maxi scooter is the intelligent solution for increasingly heavy traffic, rising energy costs and the ever growing need for environmentally-friendly mobility. "I have taken an excursion into the mountains with the C evolution", Nic Niemann explains. "The maxi scooter is fast and at the same time makes you feel safe. It was a really intense experience."
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