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Awards for sustainable films at the Green Me Festival.

In times of climate change, the film scene is mobilising itself in order to raise awareness for sustainability along the way and exemplify the green lifestyle. At the Green Me Festival, impressive creations such as the National Geographic production “Before the Flood” are distinguished and hot topics such as mobility of the future are discussed. 

Glamourous appearances at the Green Me awards gala.


Eva Håkansson talking to Berlin’s governing Mayor Michael Müller.

The green carpet is rolled out when Eva Håkansson shows up for the awards gala of the Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability in Berlin. The foyer of the “Bar jeder Vernunft” is a playground for the film scene on this Sunday evening. The flashlights of the photographers illuminate the darkened room. The mood is high-spirited despite the gravity of the topics at hand. Eva, who holds the record as the fastest female motorcyclist in the world with her self-assembled electric vehicle, soon finds herself in intensive discourse with politicians and celebrities. 

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The electric maxi scooter BMW C evolution is in the limelight at the awards gala.

Green Me provides a platform for discussions regarding environmental topics such as climate protection, air pollution or the mobility of tomorrow. “I am happy to be at an event that promotes sustainability by means of film, because we all love films,” Eva says. “It is fantastic that BMW Motorrad is devoting itself to sustainability and electric drive systems with the C evolution, and I can show that sustainable technology is fast and anything but boring.” 

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The green film weekend begins with the screening of the documentary film “Before the Flood” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role.

Conversation topic number one at the Green Me Festival were the films that had qualified for the award. Under the slogan “Climate, Joy, Air”, the public was able to view a wide range of films at the weekend and discuss them in panels. The starting signal came with an exclusive screening of the National Geographic production “Before the Flood” on Friday evening. Indeed, the documentary, which was directed by Fisher Stevens and had Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role, later won the award in the Climate category. 

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Axel Gundolf, Channel Director of National Geographic, receives the prize for “Before the Flood”.

“Prizes such as these help us make the film even more well-known and inform a large audience about the dangers of climate change and ultimately inspire action,” says Axel Gundolf, Channel Director of National Geographic. The discussion about the future of mobility goes hand in hand with the film’s subject matter. “I am delighted with the possibilities of electromobility – especially when they are combined with renewable energies. Being fully mobile in a climate-neutral way is a great vision which no longer sounds unrealistic,” Gundolf says. 

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Being fully mobile in a climate-neutral way is a great vision which no longer sounds unrealistic. ”

Axel Gundolf, Channel Director National Geographic

The award winners at the Green Me Festival in Berlin.


Eva Håkansson in her speech “Racing for Sustainability”.

Racing fever in the cinema: there were panel discussions going on throughout the entire weekend between the documentaries and films. Eva Håkansson also gave a speech, the subject of which initially appeared contradictory: In the “Racing for Sustainability” panel, she talked about her enthusiasm for electric vehicles and speed – a combination that reflects the motto of Green Me: Climate, Joy, Air. “Eco-friendliness can be incredibly fast and fun,” Eva says, explaining her mission of raising awareness for e-mobility through racing. 

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After the panel discussion, Eva Håkansson signed autographs and answered urgent questions about e-mobility.

The audience was fascinated by the delicate woman with the keen intellect. It praised her as an “inspirational model for other women” and had many questions: about her unusual career as a mechanical engineer, racing in a male domain, and her self-assembled motorcycle KillaJoule, with which she set the record as the world’s fastest female motorcyclist. Eva also answered questions on the future of electromobility, which BMW Motorrad is driving forward with the electric maxi scooter C evolution: “E-Mobility is not the future but the present, and it is here to stay.” 

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Nkiru Niemann, Sara Nuru, Nic Niemann, Marie Nasemann and Ute Zahn (l to r).

After two days of screening and debating from morning till night, the film makers gathered on Sunday evening for the awards gala. Alongside the producers, the jury members of the Green Me Festival are also heavily involved in sustainability issues – and were nevertheless able to learn something new from the meticulously researched films. “As jury president in the Air category, I studied the films intensively and was astounded at how little I knew in some areas,” says model Sara Nuru. 

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Actors and film makers discussed sustainable commitment and green films.

“I considered myself a conscious and well-informed person. Now I know that I have to do more in the future. It is possible to generate a transformation purely from one’s everyday actions. It’s the little steps that are capable of achieving great things,” the model highlights. Her model colleague Marie Nasemann sat on the jury in the Youth Film category and is convinced: “Both actors and other people from public life, such as influencers with their social media channels, can make a real difference. I am using the reach of my FAIRKNALLT blog to raise people’s awareness for the topic of sustainability.” 

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The green carpet moves on.

130 films were submitted for the Green Me Festival. Proof of how intensively the film industry is addressing the topic of sustainability – all over the world. And so the film festival moves on to Dallas, before heading for other film strongholds around the world. “The tipping point has been reached: environmental protection has arrived in the mainstream and is beginning to assume its own independent existence,” says festival president Nicolai Niemann. “People identify with the topic of sustainability. The new buzzword is now environmental clean-up. It is no longer merely a case of protection, but of cleaning up beaches, forests and oceans.” 

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