“My motorcycle is my tool.”

Actor and environmental activist Hannes Jaenicke on electromobility.

Since he was fifteen years old, actor Hannes Jaenicke has been obsessed with motorcycles. His dedication to environmental protection began at around the same time. In the interview, he tells us how he arrived at these passions, why motorcycling and sustainability are not contradictory and how he drew looks at the Berlinale with the BMW C evolution.

An excursion into the countryside with the BMW C evolution: Hannes Jaenicke and acting colleague Daniel Roesner.


The BMW C evolution combines motorcycling with sustainability. What experiences have you had with the maxi scooter?

I was one of the first who got to ride the C evolution when it came onto the market. At the film festival Berlinale, I rode the e-scooter down the red carpet. That was absolutely awesome. Amid all the luxury limousines, we obviously stood out a mile and attracted a lot of attention. 

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At the BMW Motorrad Days, I had the chance to test-ride the electro-scooter in the nearby mountains. The C evolution combines the best characteristics of a motorcycle. Unlike most scooters, it has a low centre of gravity. It feels like a heavy machine, takes off like a rocket and is as comfortable as a GS. Furthermore, it has generous storage space.

+ ศึกษาเพิ่มเติม
Like many others, I am fond of the smell and the rattling of motorcycles. But we must accept that the future is e-mobility. ”

Hannes Jaenicke

We take over a hundred environmentally relevant decisions every day. Even if these are all small things, they still make a difference. ”

Hannes Jaenicke

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