And on and on.

The world has no limits.

Pack your bags and embark on a journey into the unknown. We are curious and know that adventure awaits around every corner. Every mile reveals the undiscovered, every second lends us new perspectives, and every sight ingrains a picture in our memory. We grow with every experience, every friendship, and every adventure – that's the #spiritofGS. Get to know the people behind the "spirit of GS". Try out the GS yourself or experience GS Action at GS Experience. And for all those who are currently in the middle of an adventure, tell us about it and share it with us under #spiritofGS.

We ride a GS

We don't just ride a motorcycle. It's a way of life; an attitude rooted under our very helmets. Travelling the world on a GS means being a pioneer and becoming part of the GS community. The #spiritofGS welcomes us around the world, with the best route tips, a helpful hand, invitations to foreign cuisine and new friendships.

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Fascinating pictures. Untold tales. Getting right up close to the unseen or providing new perspectives on the familiar. Each and every one of us will have our own take on what GS means to us. Share yours with us. Tell us your stories and show us your photos. Become part of the GS community at #spiritofGS

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The adventure begins at your front door

Mongolia calling.

Mongolia calling.

Discover the world. Explore the unknown. Make lasting friendships. And tackle any challenge on your GS. The International GS Trophy is a motorcycle adventure that puts the world at your feet. Teams from all around the world battle it out in intensive daily stages and numerous special challenges.

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Ready for the #spiritofGS?

Ready for the #spiritofGS?

What comes after the GS Trophy is a run up to the nest GS Trophy: in 2017 there's the national GS Trophy Qualifier. Undiscovered worlds. Foreign cultures. New friendships. A world of experiences. Do you want to enter unknown territory on behalf of your country? Do you want to give your all and gain a load of experience? Do you have team spirit and are you hungry for adventure? Then apply for the GS Trophy Qualifier in your country and prove that you also carry the Spirit of GS.

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GS Legends

Jump into the adventure.

GS legends go further.

It is an icon. A forerunner. A pioneer. No other motorcycle supports the jump into the adventure as reliably as a BMW GS. Just as the bikes also the creators are true legends. They are the fathers of the GS. Many drivers experience unforgettable stories thanks to them. We call it the “Spirit of GS”.


Adventure guaranteed.

No other motorcycle has more adventure than the GS. GS models have been riding over dirt paths, through the Gobi desert, the Thai rainfall or winding mountain passes to the next viewpoint since 1980 – adventure is the goal. And regardless of which adventure you have in store, the right GS will take you there.

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