The off-road traveller

Effortlessly through the terrain

Do you like taking detours, does your route usually take you over rugged slopes? The F 850 GS Adventure Rallye not only feels confident on asphalt, it is also at home off road. The off-road tyres and Pro riding modes with Dynamic ESA help with agility, shift assistant Pro gives you even more control in unexpected situations. The adjustable footbrake lever and gearshift lever guarantee a secure grip. Headlight and engine guards provide the bike with optimal protection, even when the going gets tough.

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Off-road tyres

The free option off-road tyres make full use of the bike's off-road potential.

Dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts the damping action of the suspension strut based on the riding conditions.

Pro riding modes

With the Pro riding modes, the throttle and control systems of the machine can be easily adapted to different road situations.

Pro Shift Assistant

The Pro Shift Assistant enables comfortable gear shifts without using the clutch.

Enduro aluminium engine guard

This sturdy enduro aluminium engine guard was specially constructed for off-road use and provides optimal protection for the lower section of the engine.

Headlight guard

The headlight guard, which has been approved for off-road use, is simply plugged in and effectively protects the headlight from damage in off-road conditions.

Ergonomic adjustment

Adjustable footbrake lever

The height-adjustable footbrake lever has a wider pedal and patented flap mechanism.


Adjustable gear lever

The gear lever with adjustable pedal offers even better operation, particularly when riding off-road in standing position.

The stylish

Adventure in every detail

Adventure spirit through and through: The LED headlights, black sports silencer and high-quality milled clutch and handbrake levers emphasise the striking design. The tinted touring windshield protects not only against wind and weather, it also shows precisely what is in this bike: pure desire for adventure. Thanks to Keyless Ride, you can keep your keys in your pocket – just climb on and start riding.

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Keyless Ride

With Keyless Ride, from now on the key stays in your pocket. Simply sit on and ride off – it’s that easy.


LED headlights with LED riding light

The iconic light guides create a distinctive presence, the integrated daytime riding light provides added safety.

LED auxiliary headlight

The powerful LED auxiliary headlights provide even better visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Milled hand lever

Clutch hand lever

The ergonomically-optimised clutch lever made of black anodised aluminium is adjustable and underlines the individuality of the bike.


Brake lever

The ergonomically-optimised brake lever made of black anodised aluminium is adjustable and underlines the individuality of the bike.

Sports silencer black

The sports silencer, made from titanium and with a carbon end cap, delivers robust sound and turns every ride into a visual and acoustic experience.

Touring windshield, tinted

The tinted touring windshield is scratch-resistant and provides the rider with improved protection against wind and weather.

Create your own individual F 850 GS Adventure

From paintwork to features, the configurator enables you to put together your own personal bike.

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