Package 1

Package 1: Your comfortable addition to the Grand America.

Your jouney should get even more comfortable? You want to have a relaxed cruise? Package 1 includes many features, making you never want to dismount the six-cylinder. For example the shift assistant Pro, that enables the gear changing without a clutch.
All in all the equipment package comprises the following:

  • Shift assistant Pro
  • Keyless Ride
  • Additional LED lights
  • Central locking
  • Anti-theft alarm system
Security Package

Security Package: Safe Travels.

With the Hill Start Control you will get an optional extra in security for your riding pleasure in the mountains. But there is more to come: The adaptive headlight with LED daytime riding light ensures even better safety. Overall this package includes the following features:


  • Adaptive bend lightning
  • RDC
  • Hill Start Control
  • Daytime riding light
Elegance Package

Elegance Package: An stylish appearance.

You want to spotlight your Grand America even more? The Elegance package offers a premium chrome application on the front wheel fender, giving your bike an extra touch of elegance. The two-tone finish appears in the colors Austin Yellow metallic and Blackstorm metallic. The package comprises these components:


  • Style with a premium chrome application on the front wheel fender
  • Two-tone finish Austin Yellow metallic / Blackstorm metallic