1. GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 is an adventure motorcycle race dedicated especially for enthusiastic motorcycle riders who want to take part in or experience a typical GS adventure race along with fellow riders. So the event is not only about unleashing the speed but also about making friends and enjoying camaraderie among motorcycle enthusiasts.

2. Participation is open for all interested individuals who own any GS models of BMW Motorrad (except for G 450 X sport Enduro / G 310 GS ) and possess a valid driver’s license (valid at least through August 3, 2019). Applicants are required to present the original copy of valid driver's license to registration staff on the race day (a photocopy or photo of driver's license is not accepted).

3. Online application for participation in the GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 is now open through our official website: www.bmw-motorrad.co.th only.  No more than 150 participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and this will also be subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of payment.

4. Registration fee for participation in the GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 is THB 10,000 and this includes:

  • The right to take part in a qualification and final rounds of the GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 according to the terms and conditions set forth herein
  • Single-room accommodation for two (2) nights
  • All meals during the event
  • One (1) rider jersey      

In the event the documentation submitted is not complete, the applicant will be contacted for document verification within seven (7) days of registration. If the documentation requirement is not met, eighty percent (80%) of the registration fee paid will be refunded.

5. Duration: The GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 and Care4Water activities will run from August 2-4, 2019 as follows:

  • Friday, August 2, 2019: Pre-Qualifier round to select the top 24 male and 3 female riders for participation in the qualifier round
  • Saturday, August 3, 2019: Qualifier and final rounds to select 3 male riders to be included in Team Thailand and 1 female rider for participation in the International Female category
  • Sunday, August 4, 2019: CSR activities “Care4Water”

6. The participants who have completed the registration process on the morning of Friday, August 2, 2029 shall take their racing motorcycle to park it in the designated area. Additionally, the participants must also attend a briefing session on the rules and regulations  and the details about the race in a meeting room designated by the organizer. No motorcycles shall be moved from the designated parking space before the briefing is over. As soon as the briefing is over, a race marshall assigned for each group will lead the participants into the race area.

During the race, a motorcycle of all participants shall remain in the designated area only. Additionally, the participants shall remain on their motorcycle at each test

7. The participants will be required to successfully pass multiple stations with different levels of difficulty. To participate in the event, the participants must be well prepared physically and mentally to take on challenges not expected in their daily life along with their motorcycle in the same way as typical off-road adventure races, potentially facing the environments filled with dust and mud, depending on the weather condition on the race day. However, the participants may refuse to take part in any given stations without obtaining corresponding points in those stations and maximum points may be deducted based on the conditions set forth by the organizer.

8. Eligible participants must be a Thai national and must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the event. The participants must wear proper protective gears for motorcycle riders* and must possess a valid driver’s license. The decision to allow the participants to take part in the race shall be at the organizer’s discretion, taking into account the participants’ full compliance with protective equipment requirements.

9. Eligible participants who will represent Thailand at the International GS Trophy 2020 and the International Female Qualify must be the owner of one of GS models of BMW motorcycle at the time of application. In addition, those participating in the GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019 must reside in Thailand and be a Thai national only.

The following individuals are not allowed to take part in the qualification and final rounds of the GS Trophy Thailand Qualifier 2019: BMW employees, the organizer’s employees, BMW dealers, consultants to BMW Motorrad and/or those holding Inter/Class B or higher for motorcycle race, those trained to be a trainer by BMW Motorrad Instructor Academy, and those who have qualified for all the previous editions of the International GS Trophy events. (A photocopy or photo of required documents is not accepted)

Remarks: The ownership document of the BMW GS motorcycle to be used in the race must be made available by the participant for verification by the organizer during the event. In the event that the motorcycle to be used in the race does not belong to the participant, he/she must produce the ownership document of such BMW GS motorcycle which is owned by the person related to him/her only. The organizer reserves the right to verify and determine the validity of the ownership document.

10. Members of Team Thailand taking part in in the International GS Trophy 2020 will include three (3) Thai national riders. In the final round, the top three participants with the highest points will be selected to represent the kingdom. The organizer reserves the right make a final decision on the successful participants.

11. Three male riders who have qualified for the International GS Trophy 2020 and one female rider who has qualified for the International Female Qualify will be provided with necessary support related to the team/individual rider training plans from Enduro Park Thailand. They are also required to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein or have been approved by BMW Motorrad Thailand. In case of failure to comply with the terms and conditions, BMW Motorrad Thailand reserves the right to select the next participant on the list to replace him/her.

12. The participants will be responsible for the fuel cost. (This shall be made readily available prior to registration on the race day)

13. The participants are recommended to use during the event motorcycle tires designed specifically for an Enduro-style ride. Additionally, such tires must also be permitted for use on public roads.

14. Only motorcycles that have a valid license and meet technical standards may take part in the event. The organizer reserves the right not to permit the motorcycles that fail to meet technical standards to participate in the event since technically defective motorcyles may lead to accidents. In addition, the organizer also reserves the right to make a final decision on the participation of all motorcycles.

15. The organizer and its representative/staff shall not be liable for health risks of the participants associated with his/her participation in this event. The participants shall be responsible for undergoing medical check-up prior to entering the race, preparing sufficient amount of necessary medications, and taking care of themselves during the competition. The organizer shall be liable solely for the loss or damage caused by intentional omission or gross negligence or breach of the agreement or obligations that constitute the substance of the contract (only main obligations), as well as the loss or damage attributable to fatal injury, serious injury, and/or health hazard arising from the organizer or its representatives/staff members.

16. The undersigned shall indemnify the organizer without conditions for all claims by any third parties against the organizer as a result of personal or other damages that are caused by the participant or the motorcycle used by the participant during the race, as long as and until such claims by the third parties are not covered by liability insurance provided by the organizer. In the event such claims are made, the participant shall be responsible for compensation of the amount in excess of insurance coverage secured by the organizer, as well as the expenses associated with court proceedings.

17. The participant acknowledges that photos, motion pictures, or interviews conducted on radio/television stations, internet, print media, books, or copies of photos taken during the event may be used for broadcasting, publication or public relations purposes without the participant being able to claim for any compensation. The participant’s personal information will not be disclosed to a third party, unless such personal information is transferred to BMW affiliates. In the event that the participant does not want such information to be publicized or utilized, he/she may express his/her refusal in the agreement at no expenses.

18. By registering to participate in this event, the participant has acknowledged the rules and regulations for participation and has agreed to comply with those rules and regulations.

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