1.  BMW Motorrad warrants that the new vehicle purchased is not flawed in terms of materials and labor in the manufacturing process for a period of 3 years with unlimited mileage as a standard, in effect for a new motorcycle purchased from 1 January 2019. The warranty period starts from the first day a motorcycle is delivered to a customer. In case of a demonstration motorcycle, the warranty period starts from the first day the motorcycle is driven.

2.  The BMW Motorrad warranty decision to repair or change any parts is up to the judgment of BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Any defective parts from the vehicle will become the property of BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

3. The warranty period of replacement part will last until the end of the original warranty period.

4. The vehicle may be brought in for service at any BMW Motorrad authorized Dealer at your convenience.

5. This warranty is related to the motorcycle, not the owner. Therefore, when the vehicle is sold to the next owner, he/she may enjoy the remaining period of the warranty.

6. The warranty does not cover the following details:

  • The defect from misuse of the vehicle, carelessness, accidents, or normal wear-and-tear parts.
  • The defect arising as a result of the vehicle being used for racing, rallying, or similar competitive sports including unusual usages.
  • The vehicle was maintained by a service station other than by BMW Motorrad authorized dealers.
  • The customer does not immediately report a fault either verbally or writing after an inspection of the motorcycle with BMW Motorrad authorized dealer.
  • Instructions for maintenance and care of the motorcycle, according to a rider’s manual and a service booklet, are not followed.

7. BMW Motorcycle was designed and built to extremely high standards to achieve optimum performance and economy. Neither BMW Motorrad nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for modifications to the vehicle which lead to defects, unless those modifications have been approved by the manufacturer or BMW Motorrad.

8. Consequential loss as a result of a warranty problem is not covered. The vehicle owner should ensure that adequate insurance coverage for the loss or damage of personal belongings, property, etc. has been made.

9. Natural wear and damage caused from storage by BMW Motorrad authorized Dealer and a vehicle owner, or any other than BMW Motorrad, are not included in the warranty.

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Brake Discs and Brake Pads

A settlement under warranty is possible up to 5,000 km. and maximum 1 year.

A settlement under warranty is possible up to 5,000 km. and maximum 1 year.

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Damage caused by external influences such as chemicals, stone impacts, or scratches cannot be covered under warranty.

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Wear Parts

All vehicle parts undergo natural wear. According to the terms of warranty, damages resulting from natural wear are excluded from the warranty and will not be reimbursed by BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Exceptions are repairs arising from a material defect

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Starter Battery

A settlement under warranty is possible up to 24 Months from the start of warranty.

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A settlement under warranty is possible up to 12 Months from the start of warranty.

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Tires are warranted by their respective manufacturer for defects in materials and workmanship. Terms and conditions are as specified by the manufacturer. Your BMW Motorrad authorized dealer will submit claims to them on your behalf, should the need arise.

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Tire imbalance

Rebalancing can be done in exceptional cases, up to a maximum road distance of 2,000 kilometers.

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Fitted Parts (including Accessories and Riders Gear)

BMW or BMW Motorrad approved parts which are purchased and/or installed at BMW Motorrad authorized dealer have the warranty period of 24 months with unlimited mileage. Please keep your receipts issued by BMW Motorrad authorized dealer during the warranty period for faster service and claims. In case of a BMW Motorrad Helmet purchased from January 1st, 2020, the warranty period is 5 years starting from the invoiced date.

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Remark: Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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