Discover new routes.

Discover new routes.

Bikers are known for having heads of their own. The route planning software BaseCamp therefore allows you to compile routes that are customized and highly detailed. A trip can be divided into as many as 30 routes. Each segment in turn consists of up to 125 shaping points, thereby offering virtually endless personalisation options. Or do you prefer to just hit the road? The "Winding roads" option, the new "Avoid major country roads" feature and the "Round Trip" function for round trips by time, distance or stop-off points will enable you to experience entirely new worlds.  

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"Turn left at the cathedral." Advanced TTS navigation prompts use the sort of statements your pillion passenger might make, meaning you will never lose your way. This precise description of the environment uses traffic lights, road signs and even buildings as points of reference. You can also conveniently search for your destination with your smartphone and then simply send it to Navigator VI.  

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Music to your ears.

When it comes to music for your trips, you're your own DJ. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and our new "Music Streaming" feature, you can listen to the tracks saved on your smartphone. Become your own film director, controlling compatible "Action Cams" directly from your navigator.  

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New option: "Avoid major country roads"

  • Allows automatic avoidance of highways during route calculation and recalculation. Combined with the existing motorway avoidance feature, roads can be selected that are even better suited to biking
  • Can be combined with various route options e.g. "Winding road" to achieve an optimal result


New feature: round trip

  • Enables a route to be created with an identical start and finish and a specified duration, a certain time or a specific stop-off point
  • Any combination of route options and avoidance strategies


New feature: music streaming via smartphone

  • Enables you to listen to music saved on a smartphone via the Navigator VI
  • Music playback via smartphone is started and stopped via Navigator VI
  • Playback of tracks with Android smartphones in the sequence on the smartphone, with iOS playback of smartphone playlists is also possible


More highlights:

  • Even brighter with optimal legibility thanks to the circular polarization filter display, even during direct sunlight
  • Water-tight in accordance with IPX7 and petrol-resistant
  • Improved "Winding roads" route option for avoidance of built-up areas wherever possible
  • 16 GB internal Flash memory
  • Micro-SD card slot for SDXC cards up to 64 GB
  • Optimised for the BMW Motorrad communication system for listening to navigation prompts, making calls or listening to music
  • Optional Smartphone Link App for real-time traffic and weather updates
  • Lane assist with photorealistic junction views
  • Improved route planning and guidance: new trip technology with via and shaping points enables longer and more detailed motorcycle tours to be compiled
  • TTS navigation announcements partly with natural guidance (precise surroundings description)
  • Navigation preparation ex works for the K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, K 1600 GTL Exclusive, R 1200 GS (from 2013), R 1200 GS Adventure (from 2014), R 1200 RT (from 2014), R 1200 R (from 2015), R 1200 RS (from 2015), S 1000 XR, more models to follow
  • For more BMW motorcycles: optimal vehicle holder with 4-button Mount Cradle. Please check with your BMW Motorrad dealer
  • All holders for the Navigator V can also be used for the Navigator VI without exception
Navigation Preparation

In conjunction with the navigation preparation, further ground-breaking functions such as the "My Motorcycle" pages, warning and status messages and the optional smartphone link for real-time traffic information and the latest weather reports will turn your bike tour into a true multi-media experience. The Navigator VI can also be controlled conveniently and safely on BMW motorcycles from the handlebars via a multi-controller.


  • 16 freely configurable fields, with a choice of around 40 different quantities
  • The type and number of available values depends on the extent of the motorcycle's special equipment
  • The following content can be displayed: range, tyre pressure, average speed, average fuel consumption, day trip counter, mileage, engine temperature, outside temperature, voltage
  • Certain readings can be reset directly via the Navigator V
  • The readings on the first line can be shown in enlarged form on other single pages, using the multi-controller

MyMotorcycle Status

The MyMotorcycle status page is only available when the unit is not in the vehicle; it displays the information last received by the vehicle in tabular form. It also shows service information, such as range, fuel reserve activated, tyre pressure front/rear, mileage, vehicle ID number, service date, service road stretch, active warning message(s).


MyMotorcycle Last Ride

The Last Ride page is only available when the unit is not in the vehicle; it displays a review of the most recent journey in tabular form.

  • Day trip counter, average speed, average fuel consumption, gear shifts, average throttle position, brake activation front/rear, maximum/minimum/average ambient temperature, average engine temperature
  • Each range (statistics, temperatures) can be reset separately

Additional content of MyMotorcycle feature:

  • Motorcycle warning and status messages are displayed on the left of the main map page. If several warning messages are active, the number of messages is displayed beneath the warning triangle
  • If a connection has been set up to the BMW Motorrad communication system, a new warning is signalised in the helmet by a warning signal
  • If there are multiple warning messages, a list of messages can be opened by pressing the warning triangle. When a message is selected, additional information is displayed
  • When fuel reserve is selected, the nearest filling stations in the vicinity are displayed



* for K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, K 1600 GTL Exclusive and R 1200 RT from Modell year 2017

** With Preparation for GPS Device and On-board Computer Pro


Car assembly kit for BMW Motorrad Navigator V:

  • Suction cup for easy mounting on windshield
  • Integrated loudspeaker for audio instructions (note: it is not possible to play back MP3 files from the Navigator V through the loudspeakers of the car assembly kit. This is only possible with an A2DP-capable headset)
  • Power supply connection cable for the Navigator V via the cigarette lighter
  • The Navigator V can be used in the vehicle as a hands-free unit for Bluetooth mobile telephones.
  • Also available for Navigator VI


Main power supply with adapter for EU, UK, US, AU:

  • 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Supplied without cables. The micro-USB cable provided is used for charging
  • Can also be used with the Navigator IV


Road maps (SD):

  • Map data on microSD card, incl. SD card adapter
  • In addition to Europe, map data is also available for North America, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, Russia and South Africa


Additional map materials from Garmin:

  • Map materials available on microSD card for the Garmin Zumo 660 and other Garmin units can also be used with the BMW Motorrad Navigator V
Product Package

The Navigator VI product package consists of the following:

  • BMW Motorrad Navigator VI, including integrated Li-Ion battery pack
  • Available either with preinstalled map data for Europe or North America or with no preinstalled map data
  • Free life-long map updates (for preinstalled map data)
  • Available with or without a 4-button Cradle mount (incl. 12 V cable for connecting to the SZ plug)
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Practical carry bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Quick-start instructions printed in several languages
  • Detailed instruction manual installed on unit as PDF file
  • Garmin ISPI brochure (Important Safety and Product Information)

Hardware (dimensions, weight, performance).


Black plastic casing, robust, waterproof (as per IPX7), petrol-resistant, vibration-resistant


Dimensions (WxHxD)

136x83.4x24 mm


Display type

TFT colour touch screen, 65,000 colours, white background lighting, easy to read even in sunlight, automatic day/night mode


Display size (diagonal)

127 mm (5")


Display resolution (WxH)

800x480 pixels


Battery operation

Up to 4 hours depending on use and settings


Battery charging

  • From motorcycle's on-board network (while travelling), from computer via micro-USB charger cable (supplied), from optional charger, from optional car assembly kit (connection via the cigarette lighter)
  • Charge time: up to 4 hours depending on power source


Four-button Cradle mount

  • Available either without (for vehicles fitted ex works with navigation preparation mount) or with Cradle mount.
  • Waterproof connector (12 V) for connecting to the motorcycle's SZ plug.
  • '+/-' (zoom map sections in or out), 'Page' (move between menu view, map view, compass, trip computer and media player), 'Speak' (play back current navigator instruction)


High-sensitivity GPS receiver



Bluetooth technology

Yes. Connection to Bluetooth helmets or headsets (hands-free /headset /A2DP /AVRCP /SPP profile) and for connection to Bluetooth telephones, data exchange between 2 identical units


Connection to vehicle on-board network (LIN bus)

  • Currently available with the following models: K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, K 1600 GTL Exclusive, R 1200 GS (model year 2013 onwards),R 1200 GS Adventure (model year 2014 onwards), R 1200 RT (model year 2014 onwards), other models to follow
  • Enables comfortable operation using multi-controller plus data exchange between motorcycle and navigator.


PC interface

USB connection (version 2.0, high speed), USB connection cable supplied


Integrated antenna




288 g


Temperature range

  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C (-4 F to +131 F)
  • Battery charging temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C (32 F to 113 F)


Dealer Database Navigator VI
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User Manual Navigator VI
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Vehicle Icons
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