The automatic transition between daytime riding light and low-beam headlight is done automatically depending on the setting in the instrument cluster menu.
With the daytime riding light switched on, the motorcyclist is significantly more visible and is therefore much safer. Added to this is the striking look of the horizontal "U", which – as with the light rings on the K 1600 models – are an unmistakable identifying feature of the new GS.
The light unit has two LEDs each for low and high-beam, and four additional LEDs for the daytime riding light and the position light. These are fastened to a central heat sink made of die-cast aluminium. An axial fan is positioned behind the heat sink. Another air rectifier directs the warm air to the window glass and in so doing creates an air circulation in the headlight. This air circulation allows the headlight to de-thaw and also makes an active contribution towards de-icing the headlight lens in the winter.
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