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Your BMW R 1300 GS Trophy

Go your own way

Especially when there’s no road ahead of you, I’m right at your side. You have the courage. The will. And the belief in yourself. You need a bike that can keep up with you. It’s only when you go off road that you can really see who has leadership qualities – on the part of the rider and the motorcycle. Each obstacle reveals our true character. You can rest assured that I’ll never let you down. That is the #SpiritOfGS. And that is my promise, as your R 1300 GS Trophy.

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Highlights for true adventurers

You plough through sand, climb hills, and cross waterways: This equipment is made for you. From the radiator grille guards to the high rider's seat – everything is designed to tap into the full off-road potential of you and your bike, so that you can concentrate fully on the challenges that lie ahead.

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Streets ahead on off-road terrain: the front
The front of the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
An off-road-ready extra: Sports suspension
The sports suspension of the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
The design: GS Trophy
The “GS Trophy” inscription on the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
Solo sporty adventures: with the single seater
The single-seater R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
Off-road must-have: Enduro package Pro
The Enduro package Pro of the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
Equipped for all challenges: with radiator grille guards
The radiator grille guards of the R 1300 GS from BMW Motorrad
Light and sporty: forged enduro wheels
The forged enduro wheels of the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad
Extra robust: the brake lever
The brake lever of the R 1300 GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad

You can face any challenge

You can face any challenge

Every obstacle can be a reason to rejoice. The optional Enduro package Pro gives you everything you need for a magnificent off-road experience. Moreover, the spray guard installed on the rear wheel as standard protects you against dirt in an impressive way: The air channel created while riding guides the dirt particles away from you. The Sport grab handle, Sport windscreen and Sport rear footrest round out the equipment of the GS Trophy.

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Stay in control at all times

Stay in control at all times

In off-road terrain, you can’t always control what the trail ahead will bring. However, you do have full control of your bike – and you can take charge in any situation. Among other reasons, this is due to the concentrated vehicle mass in connection with a low vehicle weight. The easy handling and optimal freedom of movement can also be attributed to the flat tank platform and the short rear. The impressive riding stability is provided by the unique BMW EVO Telelever, among other things. Additionally, the conceptual division of the seat provides more ergonomical variation. Anything fits, anything goes.

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Facts for off-road enthusiasts

kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm
Nm max. torque at 6,500 rpm
cc displacement
mm increased spring travel with the optional sports suspension
Air/liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine

Just follow your instincts

Whatever you have planned, the right drive can help you achieve it. The 145 hp boxer gives you everything you could ever want. Especially off-road, you can appreciate the confidence and control you have over the engine. The ShiftCam technology ensures a comfortably smooth and quiet ride, even at low speeds. With a displacement of 1,300 ccm, nothing can stop you, even on treacherous terrain. You can rely on exquisite performance, maximum control, and unrivalled superiority.

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This is what your next adventure sounds like

3 years' peace of mind

Ride on and on and on. We give you an extra year. 

As of right now, you receive an extra year's worth of peace of mind in addition to the statutory warranty period when you purchase a motorcycle. 

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Designed for adventurers

Ready to go off-road

Ready when you are. As a GS Trophy variant, your bike already has the perfect look for your ambitious off-road adventures. The typical colours and expressive tapes emphasise the adventurous character.

GS Trophy

In Racing blue metallic with red and white tape, the expressive inscriptions and the white metallic rear frame with a matte coating, this GS will fuel your desire for sporty off-road riding.  The robust cross-spoked wheels are available with black wheel rim, or optionally in gold. 

Be courageous 

Expand your comfort zone. The flat tank platform and the short rear offer you the highest degree of freedom of movement. The optional large frame guard offers protection, even when performing ambitious manoeuvres. The high rider's seat with a seat height of 870 mm in combination with the Sport passenger seat provide the aesthetic and ergonomics of a Rallye seat, and in connection with the seat cover that runs up to the tank cover, it forms a perfectly useful unit. The conceptual division of the seat allows for greater ergonomic variance using the integrated seat incline adjustment for the rider's seat.

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For those with higher standards  

Do you want to reach even greater heights? Don’t let anything stop you. Individualise your GS Trophy to suit your preferences with the comprehensive range of optional equipment and the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories range. Alternatively, you can select a pre-configured off-road champion that is equipped with everything you really need.

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The pioneer

You will be ready for your personal GS Trophy with this equipment recommendation. Upon request, every ride can be made significantly more dynamic, safe and comfortable with the dynamics package, semi-active suspension (DSA) and the Pro riding modes. The numerous off-road parts will help you conquer any terrain. Explore the equipment options in detail or configure your own version

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Dynamics package

The dynamics package allows you to exploit the full potential of the sporty vehicle. Thanks to the shift assistant Pro and the Pro riding modes, every ride can be a highlight in driving dynamics with individual configuration options. The sports brake and the electronic suspension (DSA) serve to ensure optimal handling and safety.

Off-road parts

Enduro package Pro 

The Enduro package Pro includes numerous components that masterfully prepare your GS for off-road use. The engine protection bar, underride protection and frame guard can prevent damage. Components such as the handlebar risers, adjustable gearshift and brake levers and height-adjustable rider footrest make the bike easier to handle on treacherous terrain.

Expanded hand protection

The expanded hand protection provides better protection against the wind and weather conditions for your hands and forearms. As such, you will not only enjoy a more comfortable ride, you will also be safer thanks to the increased protection against disruptive influences.

Off-road tyres

The off-road tyres are the right choice for ambitious off-road use. The cleated tyres with a rough profile are especially well suited for impressive off-road experiences in combination with the optional Enduro Pro riding mode. As such, the machine can handle even the most demanding terrain with great precision.

Forged enduro wheels

The forged enduro wheels are particularly light, and in comparison with the standard wheels, they offer improved off-road capabilities. They are characterised by a weight advantage of 1.8 kg and offer a sporty aesthetic. The wheels are first cast, and then forged. The high-quality surface is decorated with BMW Motorrad branding.

Sport windscreen, low

The low windscreen emphasises the sporty Enduro look and gives you a clear field of view. At the same time, it also improves aerodynamic efficiency.

Luggage plate

Luggage can be safely lashed to the luggage plate made from impact-resistant plastic. The plate uses the attachment element for the passenger seat and is easy to secure. In combination with the Vario cases, this creates a wide and even load platform. It can carry a payload of 5 kg, and 20 kg of luggage can be secured to the sides.

Headlight Pro

Headlight Pro impresses riders with an improved view and a fitting aesthetic. The driving lights, high-beam headlights and cornering light are designed as an LED matrix. They offer modern lighting functions. This allows riders to illuminate the road in a way that best suits the driving situation.

Intelligent emergency call

Intelligent emergency call

The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually, such as to help other road users.


With Teleservices, your motorcycle has access to the mobile network via an integrated SIM card. This ensures the functionality of the intelligent emergency call function, among others. Additionally, it gives you direct and convenient contact with the BMW service functions

Comfort rider's seat, high

The comfort rider's seat allows larger riders to enjoy a comfortable ride on longer journeys. On off-road tours, the increased seat height can improve stability. The seat incline adjustment also helps you to achieve the optimal seat position.

Preparation for the navigation device; ConnectedRide Navigator

ConnectedRide Navigator 

With the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator, all tours and plans are always with you. Synchronise planned routes and recordings with the BMW Motorrad app through your BMW ID. You can read the 5.5-inch touch display easily, even in direct sunlight. The operation is intuitive via the multi-controller. 

The navigation assembly with holder and Mount Cradle on the handlebar clamp serves to secure the BMW Navigator in the rider's field of vision. 

Equipped to face all challenges

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