Safety 360°.

Safety requires action. Not words.

To really enjoy the road, you have to be carefree. And on a motorcycle. At BMW Motorrad, we're always working on new solutions that let you focus your eyes and your mind on what's most important: a carefree and fun motorcycling experience.

Our comprehensive Safety360 concept delivers everything our customers need for a safe ride. It covers three interconnected areas: 

1. Cutting-edge VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY for active safety in the vehicle itself.

2. Highly innovative and functional RIDER EQUPMENT.

3. A focus on you, the rider, and your passive safety through high-quality RIDER TRAINING courses for every skill level and every type of terrain.

Safety 360° is a top priority for BMW Motorrad – because safety is all about you.

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Vehicle Technology

From the telescopic fork in 1937 to Connected Ride in the digital age: BMW Motorrad has continually redefined safety standards in motorcycle engineering for the past 90 years, and we will continue to do so for years to come. That's because a motorcycle doesn't earn the BMW logo until it meets our standards of performance and safety in equal measure. This balance is ensured through a range of perfectly integrated systems that guarantee a fun and safe experience on the road.

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Rider Equipment

The extensive range of rider equipment perfectly supports passive riding safety For over 40 years, BMW Motorrad has been the only manufacturer to dedicate motorcycle engineering expertise to the development of high-quality, safe motorcycle clothing.

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C.A.R.E Concept.

C.A.R.E Concept.

Riding pleasure starts long before you get on your motorcycle. It begins with BMW Motorrad rider's equipment, which meets C.A.R.E. standards. C.A.R.E. – Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment is BMW Motorrad's promise of maximum safety, cutting-edge innovation, optimum fit and comfort as well as superior product quality.

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Rider Training

A motorcycle is only as safe as its rider.  That's why we've been offering our own training courses of the highest calibre since 1970. Today, BMW Motorrad has a global network of partners and instructors who can safely introduce to you the exciting world of motorcycling or turn more ambitious riders into highly skilled motorcyclists.

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Safety 360°.

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